SKF Pulse™ is delivering results. Our customers agree!

Our biggest success with SKF Pulse has been preventing fan bearing failures. We've prevented several. That’s why we quickly started to monitor other assets in our facility.

— Sr. Maintenance Engineer, Construction Industry

The SKF team has done a phenomenal job supporting us whenever we request a Pulse Check report from the field. Always, consistently received a report back within one business day.

Maintenance Manager, Brewing Industry

Failures prevented countless times with SKF Pulse. $100,000 dollars saved per year.
— Vibration Technician, Dairy Industry
Motor failures have gone down significantly, saving us a substantial amount of money.
— Maintenance Technician, Packaging Industry
In our facility, the primary benefit of SKF Pulse is to confirm that our maintenance program is having the desired impact.
— HVAC Technician, Construction Industry

We saved two motors with SKF Pulse Checks through greasing and belt tensioning. In addition, we saved a large motor that is critical to plant operations resulting in a cost saving of greater than $10,000.

— Maintenance staff, Packaging Industry

This occurred right after we purchased SKF Pulse. This one event saved us much more than the cost of SKF Pulse and avoided a significant downtime event.

— Condition Monitoring Manager, Agriculture and Food Industry

Food processing plants saves thousands with SKF Pulse™ 

When the electric motor on a critical line at a food processing plant experience increased vibration, the maintenance team feared failure was imminent. With the reliability manager off-site, they made the call to order an expensive new motor. When the reliability manager became aware of the issue, he used his SKF QuickCollect sensor and SKF Pulse app to collect vibration data from the motor. Within one business day the plant received an SKF Pulse Check report, with a recommendation to inspect the process mill attached to the electric motor. The inspection confirmed there was a coupling issue with the process mill but the electric motor was fine. The plant was able to cancel the new motor and saved thousands thanks to SKF Pulse. 

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