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Reliable rotation for the world's dirtiest jobs

Conveyors and material handling equipment used in aggregate, pulp and paper, and metals applications are subjected to extremely harsh environments. Unfortunately, most mounted tapered roller bearings are not up to the challenge. Unplanned stops occur regularly in these punishing conditions, resulting in devastating production and productivity losses.  The most frequent cause of downtime is bearing seal failure.

SKF has developed a mounted tapered roller bearing with sealing performance that’s exponentially better than the competition.  In fact, recent testing has proven that SKF mounted tapered roller bearings with CR Seals are perfect for use in these harsh operating environments. The seals in these Type E bearings from SKF withstood over 600 hours of mud slurry testing without contamination ingress – whereas competitive bearings showed signs of contamination at 50 hours or less.


   Advanced sealing technology from CR Seals:

  1. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR): Ideal for heavy industrial applications where extended service life is required, this high performance material provides excellent resistance to wear and high temperatures.

  2. Full rubber outside diameter: Improves static sealing, heat dissipation and retention in housing.

  3. Multiple sealing lips: Pre-greased auxiliary radial and axial lips support the main lip for maximum protection against contamination.

  4. Relubrication: Seal is designed to accommodate bearing relubrication without risk of damage to the sealing lips. The seal is grease purgeable.

  5. Integrated counterface: Wear sleeve and seal form a single, unitized seal unit that eliminates shaft machining requirements.

CR Seals is a product brand within the SKF portfolio
for automotive and industrial seals.

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This easy-to-use interchange will find the SKF Type E part # you need to replace your mounted tapered roller bearings from
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Superior sealing performance

Consequential costs on assets from bearing contamination

The cost of a new bearing might be small, compared to the total cost of maintenance. However, the price you pay when your conveyers are down is another question altogether. Get an idea of just how large the costs might be.


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To simulate the extreme contamination that SKF mounted tapered roller bearings face in real-world industrial environments, we subjected them to tests that included 600+ hours of exposure to dirt and moisture in a mud slurry test.

The CR Seals inside the bearings withstood all 600+ hours without any water or dirt ingress, while the next-best performing bearing showed signs of seal failure and contaminant ingress after only 50 hours.

Learn more about our seal product development and validation process, including lab and field test reports.

Mud slurry test

CR Seal from SKF outperformed competitors by at least 10x.

Tests for the CR Seals were suspended at 600+ hours with zero contamination or leakage.

The new SKF Mounted tapered roller bearing with CR Seals.

Zero contamination after 500 hours of running
  • Proven design
  • 100% contamination free after 500 h of testing
  • Tested in life-like conditions
  • 5 housing styles available in both inches and metrics
  • Interchangeable with Type E bearings

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