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SKF wireless monitoring in Chemical Plant leads to early detection and $85,000 in savings

A leading chemical plant in Brazil chose to deploy SKF Axios for monitoring vibration levels on critical fans in their facility.

Within weeks of installing SKF Axios, the facility was alerted to an abnormal increase in vibration levels in a fan. A secondary check was completed with an SKF Microlog portable analyzer, which confirmed an issue with a fan bearing. The problem bearing was replaced, and vibration levels returned to normal.

SKF Axios helped the maintenance team act early when they were alerted to the anomaly in the fan. Had this vibration gone undetected, the plant could have been shut down for 8.5 hours, with $85,000 in lost production time.

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SKF Axios provides first line of defense for paper mill 

A large specialty paper mill conducts monthly walk-around data collection to monitor its machine drives and other equipment. While this scheduled maintenance routine catches many issues, what about the potential for failure in between?

The paper mill installed the SKF Axios wireless predictive maintenance solution on several of its paper machine drives. Within a month, the system sent three alerts showing an anomaly on a motor. A secondary check with an SKF Microlog found the motor had electrical rotor bar issues.

Thanks to alerts from SKF Axios, the on-site vibration team was able to conduct a deeper dive and recommend replacement of the motor due to worn and loose rotor bars. As a result, SKF Axios helped the mill save $60,000 in unplanned downtime and lost production.

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SKF Axios saves manufacturing facility over $17,000 

As part of a recent pilot, SKF Axios – a wireless predictive maintenance solution — was installed in our Flowery Branch manufacturing facility in Georgia. Our technicians found the solution easy to install and use, and soon the list of equipment being monitored grew.

Within one week of installing SKF Axios, the system sent an alert indicating an anomaly on a wheel spindle in the grinding process. Upon inspection, the maintenance team found the dresser was hitting hard on the wheel due to an incorrect gap setting. Because this facility installed SKF Axios, the window for fault detection was reduced from days to hours, allowing the maintenance team to correct the problem in time to avoid significant damage to the wheel, thereby eliminating unplanned downtime and replacement costs. Estimated cost avoidance totaled over $17,000.

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