SKF Pulse: on-the-spot analysis of rotating machinery.

See how SKF Pulse can help you monitor machine health.

A cost-effective, easy-to-use entry point to predictive maintenance.

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Simplified data collection

With SKF Pulse it’s easy to collect and interpret vibration and temperature machine data. The sensor acts as a smart vibration tool, transmitting data wirelessly via the mobile app for instant machine diagnostics. The data can be stored and shared for further analysis. Plus, there’s no need for training or diagnostic expertise.

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The expertise of SKF

SKF Pulse puts industry-leading insight and benchmark data at your fingertips. SKF Pulse Checks give you access to in-house expertise on predictive maintenance, rotating equipment performance optimization and root cause analysis.

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Intuitive, free iOS mobile app

The SKF Pulse app offers instant analysis and the ability to connect with SKF expert remote diagnostics via in-app SKF Pulse Checks. The app includes free updates and enhancements driven by customer feedback and real-world KPIs.

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Cost-effective pricing

There's no need to make a case for a capital expenditure, allowing you to start gathering essential data even faster.

SKF Pulse captures data the way you want it.

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  • Easy start-up with no prior training
  • Measures vibration and temperature
  • Increased diagnostic confidence
  • Easy-to-understand indications
  • Data available in real time
  • Direct access to expert advice via SKF Pulse Checks
  • Collected data stored for future analysis and sharing
  • Provides more time for production-related activities
Need more analysis?

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SKF Pulse Check.

When more advanced support is needed, connect directly with SKF experts through SKF Pulse Checks, which are easily requested via the app. SKF Pulse Checks let your team tap into decades of SKF predictive maintenance and rotating machinery analysis expertise.

Simply request a Pulse Check through the mobile app. Your request goes directly to the SKF remote diagnostic center where SKF experts analyze the machine data and respond within 24 hours with recommended corrective actions as required.

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*App available on Google Play soon.

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